Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Georgian Shot Dead Near Abkhazia

Georgia has officially expressed "shock and deep concern" over a deadly shooting along the administrative boundary with the Russian-controlled, breakaway region of Abkhazia. More

Russian Military Bus Crashes In South Ossetia, Killing Six Officers

Russia’s Defense Ministry says a military bus has crashed into a deep ravine in South Ossetia, killing six Russian officers and injuring 16. More

Inmates Who Face Life Sentences In Georgian Prisons Launch Hunger Strike

Dozens of inmates serving life sentences in Georgian prisons have started a hunger protest to demand amendments to the country's 2012 amnesty law. More

WHO Warns Of Zika Risk For South Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which causes severe birth defects, is likely to spread to parts of Europe, including the Balkans and parts of the Black Sea coast. More

LGBT Activists In Georgia Face Court Date

A court in Tbilisi has set a trial date of May 20 for 10 gay rights activists who have been charged with vandalism and resisting arrest. More

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Fledgling Party Could Shake Up Georgia With Vote Looming

Several political commentators agree that Georgian opera singer Paata Burchuladze is well positioned to profit from widespread public disillusion with both the ruling Georgian Dream coalition and with former President Mikheil Saakashvili's United National Movement. More

Audio Podcast: Georgia's Fading NATO Dream

The door to NATO -- while theoretically open -- remains effectively closed for Georgia. And Moscow is biding its time as it seeks to reassert its dominance over Tbilisi -- one way or another. Listen to this week's Power Vertical Podcast. More
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Audio Slide Show Bigger Than Dominoes: Abkhazia Pins Hopes On Soccer Cup For Outsiders

Shunned by FIFA and dogged by infighting, would-be states and other groupings with uncertain status are holding a soccer "world cup" in breakaway Abkhazia. A colorful opening ceremony will kick off what may be the biggest international event in the isolated Black Sea region since a dominoes championship in 2011.

Video ‘Family Values' Congress Brings Pro-Moscow Message To Georgia

The World Congress of Families, a conservative U.S. organization that has been denounced as an antigay "hate group," is holding its annual meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. The group has close ties with Kremlin insiders, with whom it shares an aggressive antiliberal agenda.
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