Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Hundreds of Kazakh activists have been detained this month in connection with planned legislation on the privatization of agricultural land. The proposed law has since been shelved.

Kazakh Land Law Protesters Face Charges

Kazakh authorities say individuals recently arrested for taking part or calling for unsanctioned mass protests are facing charges of inciting ethnic discord and of attempting to seize power by force. More

Oil prices surpassed $50 a barrel for the first time in 2016, giving a boost to producers in Kazakhstan (seen here) and elsewhere.

Oil Prices Soar Over $50, First In 2016

The price of premium crude oil has surged over $50 a barrel for the first time this year in Asian trading, giving a boost to the economies of oil producers from Russia and Kazakhstan to Iran and Iraq. More

Kazakhstan Reduces Charges Against Chief Of Journalists' Union

Kazakh authorities have softened the charges against the head of the Kazakh Journalists Union and chairman of the National Press Club, a local media rights group says. More

Kazakh Minister Apologizes For Remarks About Kyrgyz

Kazakhstan’s minister of culture and sports has apologized for his remarks about Kyrgyzstan and its turbulent recent history, which have sparked resentment in the neighboring country. More

Kazakhstan Publishes Map Of Homes Of Convicted Pedophiles

The Prosecutor-General's Office in Kazakhstan has published an interactive map of convicted pedophiles online. More

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Audio Podcast: What Brought So Many Kazakhs Out Onto The Streets? 

In this week's Majilis podcast, Bruce Pannier and other Central Asia specialists take a closer look at what's going on in Kazakhstan, which has been rocked by some of the largest protests the country has seen since the collapse of the U.S.S.R., resulting in hundreds of detentions. More

Video The Reasons Kazakhs Are Protesting

Officials in Kazakhstan take the line publicly that this sudden wave of popular dissatisfaction is the result of the land-privatization plan announced a couple of months ago. But there always was more at stake than just land privatization. More
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Kazakh Minister's Remarks Spark Anger In Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan's culture minister has sparked resentment with remarks about neighboring Kyrgyzstan and its turbulent recent history.

Kazakh Clampdown On Land Protests Leaves 'People's Bard' Behind Bars

One of the most outspoken opponents of Kazakh plans to dispense with huge swaths of land is a folksy singer who's not afraid to pick a fight with the government.

Kazakh Authorities Make Rare Concessions To Tamp Down Land-Sale Protests

Rattled by widespread protests against a government land-sale proposal, Kazakh authorities continue to take steps aimed at tamping down public anger.

Kazakh Authorities Take To SMS, Facebook To Ward Off Protests

Many Kazakhs checking their smartphones on May 6 might have been surprised to find a cautiously contrite SMS message from an unlikely source.

Land Sales Unearth Kazakhs' Love For The Motherland

Fears that land will be taken from the people and sold off to foreigners or moneyed elites are fueling a rare and growing protest movement in Kazakhstan.

As Ankara Tightens Visa Rules, Neighbors Fret

The EU's drive to get Turkey to toughen its visa regulations to help resolve the migrant crisis is giving regional businessmen reason to worry.

Kazakh Fighters Refuse To Come Out Swinging In China

Kazakh national Aibek Nurseit and ethnic Kazakh Gabit Turganbek, who is from China's Xinjiang region, were disqualified by a referee after they sparred gingerly rather than inflict any punishment on each other in a caged mixed-martial-arts bout on March 5.
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