Friday, April 29, 2016

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WATCH: Police in Almaty, Kazakhstan shut down a news conference called by activists who were discussing plans for protests in the city. About a dozen activists were detained when police intervened on April 29 outside Almaty's Press Club.

Video Kazakh Activists Detained Over Land Privatization Protests

Police in Almaty detained about a dozen Kazakh activists on April 29, including well-known journalists and rights defenders. More

Kazakh Police Disperse Dozens At Rally In Aqtau

Police in Kazakhstan's Caspian port city of Aqtau have dispersed protesters rallying against the government's decision to allow private land ownership. More

Kazakh Prosecutor Warns Against Spreading 'False Information'

Kazakhstan's Prosecutor-General Zhaqip Asanov has issued a warning that that it is a crime to spread "false information about land privatization." More

WATCH: Protests were held in two Kazakh cities against a government decision to privatize agricultural land. At the rare public demonstrations in Kazakhstan on April 27, speakers called for the land to be kept in public hands and not rented to foreigners.  (RFE/RL's Kazakh Service and amateur video)

Video Kazakhs Rally Against Land Privatization

Hundreds of people rallied in Kazakhstan's northwestern city of Aqtobe and northeastern city of Semei on April 27 to protest the government's decision to privatize public land through auctions beginning on July 1. More

Russian Court Jails Ethnic Armenian From Kazakhstan For Trying To Join IS

An ethnic Armenian from Kazakhstan has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail on Islamic extremism charges in Russia. More

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Audio Rights, Freedoms Fall Victim To Central Asian Economic Crisis

Freedom House released its annual Nations In Transit report, providing an indispensable look at the human rights situation in 29 countries, including the Central Asian states. More

Audio Down And Out In Central Asia

With the Russian economy in tatters, figures for remittances in 2015 from the millions of Central Asian citizens working in Russia have been published for the five states in Central Asia and they showed what many had feared. More
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Land Sales Unearth Kazakhs' Love For The Motherland

Fears that land will be taken from the people and sold off to foreigners or moneyed elites are fueling a rare and growing protest movement in Kazakhstan.

As Ankara Tightens Visa Rules, Neighbors Fret

The EU's drive to get Turkey to toughen its visa regulations to help resolve the migrant crisis is giving regional businessmen reason to worry.

Kazakh Fighters Refuse To Come Out Swinging In China

Kazakh national Aibek Nurseit and ethnic Kazakh Gabit Turganbek, who is from China's Xinjiang region, were disqualified by a referee after they sparred gingerly rather than inflict any punishment on each other in a caged mixed-martial-arts bout on March 5.
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RFE/RL's Radio Azattyq has been an important source of information for people in Kazakhstan for decades. In 2009, Azattyq won the prestigious 2009 Online Journalism Award for "standing in defense of citizen’s rights to seek and receive information."

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