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Kazakh Sentenced On Ethnic Hatred Charge

​A court in Kazakhstan's northern city of Petropavlovsk has sentenced a man to three years in jail for "inciting interethnic hatred and discord via the Internet." More

Kazakh Leader Calls For 'Historic' Olympics Decision

The prime minister of Kazakhstan challenged the International Olympics Committee July 31 to make a "historic decision" by awarding the 2022 Winter Olympics to Almaty rather than Beijing. More

Ablyazov's Brother-in-Law Detained

Fugitive Kazakh tycoon Mukhtar Ablyazov's brother-in-law, Syrym Shalabaev, has been detained in Vilnius. More

Woman Suspected Of Propagating Terrorism Detained In Kazakhstan's East

Kazakh authorities say a woman has been detained in the eastern town of Zyryanovsk on suspicion of propagating international terrorism. More

Kazakhstan Formally Joins WTO

The WTO General Council has approved oil-rich Kazakhstan's membership on July 27, finalizing almost 20 years of negotiations. More

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Audio Are The Central Asians The Losers In SCO Expansion?

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) added its first two new members at a summit on July 10 -- India and Pakistan. Some of the leaders at the summit were pleased to point out that the member states of their organization now accounted for nearly half the world's population. More

Kazakhstan: Economic Crisis, State Companies, And The Nation’s Image

As Central Asia’s regional economic crisis deepens, the Kazakh economy has started to crack and it's led the Astana government to take a series of steps designed to mitigate the effects of the crisis. More
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Photogallery By The Numbers: Almaty's Winter Olympics Bid

What would make Almaty's hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics a historic milestone? How many minutes would it take athletes to travel to most competition areas? Here's a rundown of the answers to these and other questions ahead of the July 31 decision on whether Almaty or Beijing will host the games.

Photogallery Mixed Feelings About Almaty 2022 Bid

As the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides between Almaty and Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, many Kazakhs are excited about the prospect. But others say the investment required to sell Almaty as a suitable site would be better spent improving living standards.

'IS Babies' -- The Chilling New Trend Among Islamic State Militants

The sharing of baby and toddler photos has become a disturbing new phenomenon among Islamic State recruits who've come from the Russian Federation and Central Asia.

Videos Lift Veil On Bride-Snatching

Two compelling videos posted online appear to show instances of bride-snatching in Kazakhstan, where legislation does not prohibit the practice.

Photogallery What Is Killing Off Kazakhstan's Rare Antelope?

Herds of one of Central Asia's most iconic animals, Kazakhstan's saiga antelope, are dwindling rapidly and no one seems to know why.

Postcommunist Kids Are No Know-It-Alls, After All

The survey's results appear to dash the widely held assumption about the former communist countries of Europe that while they performed poorly in many areas, at least students there were well educated in math and science.

For Victory Day, Post-Soviets Show Their Colors -- Just Not Orange And Black

Red, purple, pink, blue-and-gold. Many people in post-Soviet countries are choosing any color, it seems, for their Victory Day symbols -- just not the orange-and-black of Russia's St. George ribbon.
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