Monday, November 24, 2014

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Russian Duma Paves Way For Kyrgyzstan's 'Eurasian' Integration

Russia's lower parliament house on November 21 ratified an agreement governing economic cooperation with Kyrgyzstan as it integrates with "Eurasian" structures that President Vladimir Putin is using to tighten Moscow's ties with other former Soviet republics. More

Western Firms Help C. Asia States Spy

A report by a privacy watchdog group says U.S. and Israeli companies have supplied Central Asian states with sophisticated surveillance technology that gives them extensive power to monitor the communications of government opponents and other citizens. More

Suspected Bride-Snatchers Arrested In Kyrgyzstan

Authorties in Kyrgyzstan have arrested 11 people on suspicion of bride-snatching, an offense that was rarely prosecuted in the past. More

Bakiev Nephew Released From Jail

Former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev's nephew has been released from prison after completing an eventual five-year term for organizing public unrest. More

Russia Says Will Not Press 'Allies' On Territorial Issues

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will not pressure its "allies" to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia or to join it in recognizing Georgia's breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions as independent states. More

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The Saga Of Aman Sagidullaev And Alga Karakalpakstan

The official charges against Aman Sagidullaev are abuse of his position as head of an agricultural equipment manufacturer and embezzlement of some $1 million. But were he to be dragged home, he would likely also be facing charges of separatism for his role as leader of the Alga Karakalpakstan movement. More

IS In Central Asia: Existential Threat Or Convenient Enemy?

To what extent are recent measures designed to deal with the threat of the Islamic State group, and how much is the threat of IS being wielded as a "useful enemy" to allow Central Asian states to implement tighter controls on religious freedoms? More
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