Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Iran Says Next Expert-Level Nuclear Talks To Be Held In New York

Iran says the next round of international expert-level talks on the Iranian nuclear program will be held next month in New York City.

Joint Mission Says 80 Percent Of Syrian Chemical Weapons Eliminated

International supervisors say approximately 80 percent of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons materials have been removed from the country or destroyed.

Rohani Speaks Up For Women's Rights

Iranian President Hasan Rohani has admitted women in his country still face "gender injustice."

Abdullah Leading In Afghan Vote Count

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah is holding an 11-point lead in the latest results from Afghanistan's presidential election released by the Independent Election Commission.

Video Russia 'Outraged' At Slovyansk Shoot-Out

Following a deadly attack on a pro-Russian checkpoint in eastern Ukraine a pro-Russian local leader has announced a curfew and appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to send Russian peacekeepers.

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