Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Nuclear Negotiator Says Iran To Allow Military Site Inspections

An Iranian negotiator has announced that Tehran has agreed to give UN inspectors "managed access" to military facilities as part of a deal with world powers over its contentious nuclear program.

Iraqi Forces Advance On Ramadi

Iraqi government forces aided by Shi'ite militias and Sunni tribal fighters have retaken ground lost a week ago to Islamic State (IS) militants and are continuing to advance toward the western Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Attacks Kill 10 Afghan Police Officers

Multiple Taliban attacks on police checkpoints in southern Afghanistan's Helmand Province have left 10 police officers dead and 16 wounded.

Poles Vote In Close Presidential Race

Millions of Poles are heading to vote in a runoff presidential election that surveys show has no front-runner.

Iranian Minister Says OPEC Production Cut 'Unlikely'

Iran's oil minister has said that OPEC is unlikely to cut oil output when the group of oil-exporting countries meets in June.

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