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Bosnian Census Shows Country Lost Fifth Of Population

The first census since the end of the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina shows the country’s population shrank by one-fifth over the past 25 years. More

Kosovo Court Convicts Serbian On Terrorism Charges

A Kosovar court sentenced a Serbian citizen to 13 years in jail for "attempted terrorist" activities after he was arrested in Pristina in a vehicle packed with more than 11 kilograms of explosives. More

Serbian Police Detain Migrants, Arrest Suspected Smuggler

Serbian police say they have found 29 migrants with no documents and arrested a suspected people smuggler. More

Bosnia, Kosovo Still Keen To Join EU Despite Brexit

Bosnia's leaders say European Union membership will remain their goal despite Britain's vote to leave the bloc in a landmark referendum on June 23. More

Opposition Boycott In Macedonia

Macedonia's main opposition party says it will boycott parliament until the Constitutional Court rules on the status of a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the country's wiretapping scandal. More

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Russian Anxiety Over Montenegro's NATO Accession

Moscow has issued its strongest warning yet over the prospect of Montenegro becoming a full member of NATO. More

Letters From Prison: Milovan Djilas

Milovan Djilas's book, The New Class, was considered a masterpiece of dissident literature during the Cold War, but it more than spelled trouble for its author. In his own newly published book, his son, Aleksa, relives his childhood through his father's letters from prison, among others. More
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Bosnia Erupts In Feuding Over New Census Data

Ethnically divided Bosnia-Herzegovina is erupting into feuding over new census data that shows Bosnian Muslims are now a majority in the country.

Bosnia Braces For Release Of Much-Delayed Census Data

The results of Bosnia-Herzegovina's first postwar census are about to be released and could spark new battles over how to share political power in the ethnically divided country.
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