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Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic died in 2006. (file photo)

EU Drops Milosevic Sanctions

The European Union has dropped its sanctions against the former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic, his family, and political associates. More

A UEFA qualifying match for the Euro 2016 football tournament was suspended on October 14 after fighting broke out between players, team officials, and fans at Partizan stadium in Belgrade. Tensions were high before the match, which marked the Albanian squad's first trip to Belgrade since the 1960s and Serbian nerves still raw over the sovereignty of Kosovo, the majority ethnic Albanian region of the former Yugoslavia that declared independence from Serbia in 2008. No Albanian fans were allowed to attend the match, in an effort to ensure safety. The sports European governing body said it would investigate, and the incident could lead to serious repercussions.

Serbia Gets Win, No UEFA Points For 'Drone' Match

UEFA has awarded Serbia a 3-0 win by forfeit over Albania after the two countries' Euro 2016 qualification match in Belgrade last week was abandoned due to violence. More

Kosovo Foreign Minister Visits Serbia

Kosovar Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj has traveled to Serbia to attend a regional conference, the first such visit since Kosovo unilaterally seceded from Serbia in 2008. More

Kosovo Minister To Visit Serbia

Kosovo's Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj has confirmed he will travel to Serbia to attend an October 23 regional conference, the first such visit since Kosovo unilaterally seceded from Serbia in 2008 More

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (left) and his brother, Olsi Rama, whom some blamed for the drone stunt that set off the football melee. (file photo)

Albanian PM's Visit To Serbia Postponed

A planned historic visit by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to Serbia has been postponed for next month after political tensions soared following a brawl at a soccer match between the two countries. More

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A Bosnian Man's Lonely Stand To Find The Bones Of His Son

Djemail Hasanovic has set up a bed on the side of the road leading from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, to Podravanje. He says he is on a hunger strike until the bones of his missing son are found and returned to him. More
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Journalist Group Says Reporters' Killers Almost Never Face Justice

Murdering journalists is one way to keep the public in the dark about criminal activities. It is also virtually risk-free, since worldwide 90 percent of the killers never face justice.

In Many Countries, Distance From Ebola Brings A Sense Of Safety

In many parts of Eurasia, people think they are far enough away from Africa to be safe from Ebola. Is that a false sense of security?

Bosnians Voting For New Government, But Change Unlikely

Despite a turbulent year that saw violent protests and disastrous floods, Bosnia's elections are not expected to bring any sweeping changes to one of Europe's poorest countries.

Photogallery After An Era Of New Horizons, EU Turns Its Gaze Inward

The incoming European Commission has indicated that further enlargement will no longer be a priority for the 28-member bloc. What does that mean for EU hopefuls to the east and south?

A Kosovo Mother's Plea: 'Bring My Boy Back' -- From Syria

Pranvera Abazi's husband said he was taking their son for the weekend to a popular outdoor spot. Three days later, he sent her a text message saying they were in Syria.
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