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Supporters hold up a giant Kosovo national soccer team flag during a friendly match between Kosovo and Turkey in the town of Mitrovica in May 2014.

UEFA Votes To Allow Kosovo To Join

European soccer's governing body, UEFA, has voted to allow Kosovo to become a member of the organization. More

Kosovo's Airport Temporarily Shut After Airplane Overshoots Runway

Kosovo's main airport was temporarily shut down after a Turkish Airlines flight overshot a runway while landing in rainy weather. More

WATCH: Serbian Orthodox Church Gutted By Fire In New York

Video Fire Guts Historic Serbian Church In New York

Fire destroyed a historic Serbian Orthodox cathedral in Manhattan on May 1, just hours after worshippers celebrated Orthodox Easter there. More

Serbian Opposition Rallies Against Alleged Election Fraud

Around 2,000 people have protested in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, alleging falsification of the April 24 snap parliamentary elections and to demand that an upcoming repeat vote at 15 polling stations be held fairly. More

Outcome Of Serbia's Elections Unclear Until May 4 Partial Repeat Vote

Postelection confusion in Serbia extended to a fifth day on April 29 and looked set to continue for at least another week after a partial recount led to one party being provisionally eliminated from parliament. More

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Kosovo's UEFA Dreams

As an independent Kosovo strives to assert itself, soccer is one way the fledgling country is promoting itself on the world stage. Kosovo could receive a huge boost on May 3, when European soccer's governing body, UEFA, could change its rules on eligibility, allowing the country to join the organization. More

Serbia And Self-Fulfilling Russian Prophecies

In Europe, Serbia's recent elections were seen as a sign that the pro-Western mood is dominant. But while Russian media have noted this as well, they prefer to focus on the success of two right-wing parties, including one led by Vojislav Seselj. More
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Poised For Big Win, Vucic Highlights Serbian 'Paradox'

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic looks set to strengthen his hold on Serbia this weekend. But which way does a former ultranationalist turned EU champion intend to lead the country?

A Palette Of Anger In Macedonia

Revolutionary fervor has never looked so bold in Skopje, with grand monuments and statues bathed in paint splatter, and fountains overflowing with soap bubbles.

Video Explainer: Roots Of Macedonia's Political Crisis Run Deep

The ongoing political crisis in Macedonia is rooted in last year's mass protests over alleged government involvement in election fraud, media manipulation, judicial corruption, and a murder cover-up.

Video ‘Error Of Law' -- Top International Lawyer Disagrees With Seselj Ruling

The head of the International Bar Association tells RFE/RL he thinks judges at the UN war crimes court were wrong to rule on March 31 that Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj was not guilty of crimes against humanity.

Karadzic Killed Sarajevo

Our "crime," according to Karadzic, was that we did not separate, that we wanted to stay united, that we chose to publish the newspaper together, regardless of ethnicity.

Disillusioned Volunteer Says Syria A Battle For War Booty, Territory

What do volunteers who go to fight in Syria find? Battles for war booty and fiefdoms, says one returning Kosovar who counts himself lucky to be alive.
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