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Milojko Brzakovic (center), general manager of the Zastava–Oruzje factory, said investigators were tracing the origins of at least two Zastava M70s used in the Paris attacks.

Serbian Factory 'Made Guns Used In Paris'

The director of a weapons plant in Serbia has confirmed that at least two of the assault rifles used by Islamic militants during the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13 were manufactured by his company in the early 1990s. More

Bosnian Blast Could Be 'Terrorism'

Prosecutors in Bosnia are probing a blast at a police station which authorities say could have been an act of "terrorism." More

Video Migrants Protest On Macedonian Border

About 1,000 people, described by authorities in Skopje as economic migrants, have staged a protest on the border of Greece and Macedonia. More

Migrants Protest At Greek-Macedonian Border

Migrants who have been blocked at the Greek-Macedonian border for three days protested on November 21 against restrictions by Macedonian authorities to turn away migrants who are not from war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. More

Serbia, Macedonia Filtering Migrants

Serbia and Macedonia have begun restricting the entry of refugees to those from certain countries, leaving hundreds of people stranded on borders. More

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Bosnia Still Divided 20 Years After Dayton

Twenty years after the Dayton accords ended the deadliest war spawned by the breakup of Yugoslavia, divisions drawn by the deal are etched deep in Bosnia-Herzegovina's landscape.

Migrant Situation Stirs Memories In Serbia

The sight of desperate people streaming into the country has struck a nerve in Serbia, where many are reminded of the ethnic Serbs who arrived in their droves after the Croatian War of Independence.

Controversy Rages Over Kosovo's UNESCO Membership

Kosovo's bid to join the United Nations' cultural agency has sparked an uproar, with Serbia pushing to head off international recognition of its former province.
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