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Tajikistan Launches Its Own Social-Networking Site

Tajikistan has launched a new social-networking site expected to become an alternative to the Russian site, which had been inaccessible to many in Tajikistan since July 18. More

Detained Tajik Researcher Released, Asked To Stay In Dushanbe

Detained Tajik researcher Aleksandr Sodikov has been released from jail on July 22 after spending 36 days in pretrial detention in Dushanbe. More

Large Fire Destroys Shops At Tajik Bazaar

A large fire in Tajikistan's southern city of Kulob has destroyed 46 shops and kiosks at a local bazaar and damaged dozens of others. More

Tajik Air Chief Fired

The chief of the Tajik Air State Aviation Company has been fired just hours after he complained to journalists about government bias. More

Many Tajiks Unable To Access Popular Russian Social-Media Site

Access to the popular Russian social-networking site is being restricted in Tajikistan. More

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Central Asia: Regionally Dysfunctional In Face Of Common Threats

Recent violence along the Turkmen-Afghan border reminds Central Asian governments that the clock is ticking to the end of this year, when the bulk of foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan. That was the topic of a roundtable discussion hosted by RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service, Azatlyk. More

The Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan: An Evolving Threat

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has been a threat looming over Central Asia for 15 years, since militants burst into southern Kyrgyzstan. Much has happened since then, and now the bulk of the militants are in Pakistan's tribal areas and, increasingly, in northern Afghanistan, just across the border from Central Asia. More
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Interview: Russia As A 'Chance For Survival' For Tajik Migrants

Ksenia Diodorova, a Russian photographer and graphic designer, talks about her photo essay "In The Cold," which looks at the lives of Tajik labor migrants and their families back home in Tajikistan's mountainous Gorno-Badakhshan province.

Video World's Oldest Profession Up For Discussion In Tajikistan

Amid an apparent rise in the number of sex workers, the world's oldest profession is becoming a topic of open debate in Tajikistan.

Explainer: What's Going On In Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan?

Tajik authorities say they are looking into gunfights that sparked antigovernment protests in the remote Gorno-Badakhshan Province. The government blames the violence on local drug dealers. Protest leaders, however, say the latest crisis has much deeper roots in the region that was the scene of deadly clashes in 2012.

Tajik Mullah's Remarks On Jihad Spark War Of Words

A prominent Tajik mullah's criticism of those heading to Syria to fight alongside Islamist rebels has prompted an angry response from a purported Tajik jihadist.

Yelena Ryabinina, Advocate For Central Asian Refugees, Mourned By Friends And Colleagues

One of Russia's most prominent defenders of Central Asian refugees, Yelena Ryabinina, dies after a long battle with cancer.

In Central Asia, Patriotic Russian Symbol Claimed By Ukraine Separatists Is Revived

Orange-and-black ribbons symbolizing Russian military valor are being handed out in several Central Asian countries ahead of the May 9 holiday marking victory in World War II.
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