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Tajik President Emomali Rahmon (left) made his remarks during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on October 6.

Afghan Border Security Worries Rahmon

President Emomali Rahmon has said Tajikistan was "extremely concerned" about the situation along the Tajik-Afghan border. More

The head of the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRPT), Muhiddin Kabiri, who is living in exile, denies the party had anything to do with a deadly mutiny.

23 Islamic Party Officials Arrested

Tajik prosecutors say 23 top officials of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (HNIT) have been arrested, many on suspicion of leading a deadly mutiny by a serving deputy defense minister in early September. More

UNHCR Concerns About Tajik Party Ban

The UN human rights office has expressed concern over the risk of increasing human rights violations in Tajikistan following Dushanbe’s recent decision to ban the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT). More

The leader of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, Muhiddin Kabiri, says moves by the Dushanbe authorities against his group are politically motivated. (file photo)

Tajik Islamic Party Branded As Terrorist

​The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) has been officially branded as a terrorist organization. More

Lawyer Of Banned Tajik Party Detained

The lawyer of Tajikistan's embattled Islamic Renaissance Party (IRPT) has been detained in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe. More

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'IS Will Make Me A Suicide Bomber'

A young Tajik woman who voluntarily joined the Islamic State (IS) extremist group in Syria last year claims militants plan to use her as a suicide bomber unless the Tajik authorities bring her home. More

Tajik Families Left Grieving After Sons Join IS

Tajik families are left wondering about the fate of their sons who vanish and later turn up in Iraq or Syria as Islamic State fighters -- and often get the tragic news a son has been killed. More
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Video Rural Girls Ride Past Bicycling Taboos In Tajikistan

It wasn't so long ago that bicycles were off-limits for rural Tajik girls -- the activity was deemed inappropriate for any young woman who hoped to find a husband. But times are changing.

Death Of A Fugitive: Abduhalim Nazarzoda, Tajik General Blamed For Recent Violence

Authorities in Tajikistan say they have killed a wealthy Tajik general who went on the run after being blamed for a recent burst of deadly violence in the fragile nation. Who was Abduhalim Nazarzoda?

Are Economics Again At The Root Of Tajikistan's Current Armed Conflict?

Another figure from the days of Tajikistan's 1992-97 civil war is on the run. One thing that does seem clear is that this conflict has little, if anything, to do with Islam or international terrorism, as the Tajik government's most senior figures are claiming.

No Music, No Wedding, Conservative Tajik Village Told

Authorities in a religiously conservative Tajik village have set up a band to play music at wedding parties -- and made it compulsory for hosts to hire the group.

Alleged Police Beating Of Bearded Tajik Student Prompts Outrage, Investigation

Allegations that a beard-wearing university student was brutally beaten by Tajik police during his summer break has sparked public outrage in a country where such incidents are not exactly uncommon.

Facebook Photos Help Convict Tajik 'Birthday Boy'

In a Tajik first, prosecutors have used Facebook photos and friends' comments to charge a man for partying too hard.

Hard Times: Why Are Commodity-Exporting Countries In Trouble?

As commodity-exporting countries worldwide face problems, Kazakhstan is the latest to feel the economic pain.

Video 'Street-Sweeping' Dushanbe Teen Unmoved By 'Atlas Of Beauty' Fuss

A 19-year-old Tajik gardener takes it all in stride when her photo for a Romanian photographer's Atlas Of Beauty project takes the Central Asian Internet by storm.

The Crimes Of Russian Soldiers Abroad

As the trial of a Russian private accused of slaughtering an entire Armenian family in January gets under way in Gyumri on August 12, RFE/RL takes a look at some of the worst crimes Russian soldiers have been accused of committing abroad, off the battlefield.

IMU Declares It Is Now Part Of The Islamic State

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) is not only allied to the Islamic State (IS) group, it now considers itself part of it.
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