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Uzbekistan's Shahrisabz On 'Endangered' List

The United Nations' World Heritage Committee has added the historic center of Shahrisabz in Uzbekistan to its list of endangered world heritage sites due to overdevelopment. More

Azimjan Askarov in 2011

Kyrgyz High Court Orders Retrial Of Uzbek Activist Askarov

The Kyrgyz Supreme Court has overturned a life sentence against activist Azimjon Askarov but ordered a retrial over allegations that the now-65-year-old ethnic Uzbek fomented violence during deadly clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan six years ago. More

WATCH: Kyrgyz Supreme Court Reviews 'Politically Motivated' Conviction

Kyrgyz High Court Begins, Postpones Review Of Uzbek Activist Askarov's Case

Kyrgyzstan’s Supreme Court has begun to review the case of Azimzhan Askarov, a prominent ethnic Uzbek activist serving a life sentence after being convicted of stirring up ethnic hatred. More

An image from a CCTV camera shows the three men believed to be the attackers walking inside the terminal building at Istanbul's Ataturk airport on June 28.

Kyrgyzstan: Two Istanbul Attackers Had Russian Passports

Kyrgyz authorities say two of the men involved in the deadly Istanbul airport attack had Russian passports, amid speculation that a Kyrgyz national was involved. More

Kyrgyzstan Can't Confirm National Was Among Istanbul Attackers

Kyrgyz authorities have said it is too early to confirm Turkish media claims about the alleged involvement of a Kyrgyz national in the deadly Istanbul airport attack until official DNA tests results are announced. More

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Uzbek Campaign Against Islamic Groups Takes A Strange Turn

Authorities in Uzbekistan appear to have found a new Islamic group to worry about, and it happens to be one of the oldest Islamic groups in Central Asia. More

Are Uzbek Militants In Disarray?

Of all the peoples living in Central Asia today, Uzbeks are the most likely to be reported in militant groups from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Syria and Yemen. There are at least several explanations for why this is true, the most obvious being they are the largest ethnic group in Central Asia. RFE/RL's Uzbek Service has been looking into the current state of Uzbek militants and uncovered some interesting details about them. More
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Video In Wake Of Blown Coup, Turkey Takes Global Aim At Gulen Movement

As Turkey cracks down hard on perceived enemies like the Gulen movement at home, it also looks set to escalate the controversy over the global Islamic education movement by pressing other countries to follow suit.

No Shave, No Soccer: Bearded Uzbek Fans Report Being Barred From Stadium

Bearded soccer fans in the Uzbek city of Bukhara say they were not allowed to enter a stadium to watch a match until they shaved off their facial hair.

Children Of Uzbekistan's Elite Find A Playground In Latvia

Children of Uzbekistan's elite have bought property in Latvia, given birth in the Baltic country, and allegedly used its banks to handle millions of dollars in bribes. While more than 1,500 Uzbeks have taken advantage of Latvia’s controversial “golden visa” program, it remains a mostly silent and closed community.

Uzbeks Know What Kids Won't Be Doing This Summer

Parents in Uzbekistan have been given an official list of activities their children are not allowed to do during the summer holidays.

'Minister Of Singers' Tells Uzbek Performer To Cover Up

An Uzbek singer has been told by authorities that her controversial choice of clothing "contradicts the national mentality."
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