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The April 17 meeting in Dushanbe included secretaries of the Security Councils of SCO member states China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

SCO Discusses Afghan Withdrawal

Members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have met in the Tajik capital to discuss regional security in the wake of the withdrawal of most foreign combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. More

President Islam Karimov has ruled Uzbekistan for more than two decades.

More Powers To Uzbek Parliament, PM

Uzbek President Islam Karimov has signed a law on amendments to the constitution, broadening the powers of the parliament and prime minister. More

Uzbek Parliament's Upper Chamber Approves Broadening Prime Minister's Powers

The upper chamber of Uzbekistan's parliament has approved a law on broadening the prime minister's powers. More

Uzbeks Arrested For Selling Children

Police in Russia's Moscow region have arrested a couple from Uzbekistan for an attempt to sell their own children. More

NATO Expects Russia Afghan Supply Line To Continue

A NATO official says the alliance does not expect the use of Russian territory to transport supplies used by Western forces in Afghanistan to be affected by NATO’s suspension of cooperation with Moscow. More

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The Samarkand Green Card Scam

If you are a resident of Samarkand Province and you are contacted by a representative of a company, which lately has been calling itself Global Intel, it is your lucky day. You might soon not be a resident of Samarkand, or Uzbekistan. More

Welcome To The Age Of Coal

Central Asia is known for many reasons but two things stand out in coverage of the region these days -- the geostrategic location in terms of security and its energy resources. More
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In UN Vote, Russia's 'Sphere of Influence' Hedges Its Bets

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly this week in favor of a resolution condemning Russia's annexation of Crimea. But perhaps more harmful for Moscow, only two of its former-Soviet neighbors voted against it.

Afghans Criticize Government’s Handling Of International Norouz Event

The Afghan government has angered many Afghans by ditching a plan to hold an international Norouz festival in a multimillion-dollar castle specifically built for the event.

Russia's Actions In Crimea Stir Bad Memories In Former East Bloc

From former Soviet republics in the Baltics and Central Asia to the ex-communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, there is renewed wariness about Russia as a result of the Kremlin's military incursion into Crimea.

Central Asian Migrants Feel Pinch Of Kazakh Devaluation

The effects of Kazakhstan's currency devaluation reach far and wide, as migrant workers whose family members depend on remittances have come to find out.

Czech President Defends Right To Host Uzbekistan's Karimov

Czech President Milos Zeman has defended his right to host Uzbek President Islam Karimov for an official visit later this month.

Uzbek Girl Grows Up In The Shadow Of HIV

Fully aware of the social stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan, the mother of an HIV-positive girl has decided to keep her daughter's condition a secret.

Commentary: Who's Coming To Prague Castle For Dinner?

Czech President Milos Zeman’s recent invitation appears all the more inappropriate and controversial -- an underserved gift that risks to legitimize Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s repressive rule.

Uzbek Teachers Get Another Extracurricular Activity

The Uzbek capital's decaying centralized heating system has left education officials to take desperate measures to keep classrooms warm and safe.
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