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Kyrgyz Premier Concerned Uzbekistan Will Not Deliver Gas

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Joomart Otorbaev has called on citizens and businesses to prepare to use coal instead of natural gas during the upcoming winter. More

Russian Cement-Maker Faces Loss Of Assets In Uzbekistan

Russia's cement-producing giant Eurocement is facing the loss of its facility in Uzbekistan in a nationalization drive by the Central Asian country. More

IMU Members Sentenced In Uzbekistan

An Uzbek human rights group says that six people have been sentenced to long prison terms for being members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) as part of a large ongoing trial of some 66 suspects accused of terrorism. More

Bishkek: 'Time Needed' To Resolve Borders

A Kyrgyz official says the delimitation and demarcation of Kyrgyzstan's southern borders with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan may still take a long time to complete. More

Central Asia Plus Japan Dialogue Holds Session In Bishkek

Foreign ministers from the five Central Asian countries and Japan are convening in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, for a conference known as the Central Asia plus Japan Dialogue. More

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How Sweet Life Isn't In Uzbekistan

For those in Uzbekistan with a sweet tooth, these are hard times. It seems there is a sugar deficit in Uzbekistan and it's unclear whether it is natural or artificial. More

The Uzbek Lottery Citizens Must Play

Uzbeks complain that when people in Uzbekistan go to pick up money sent to them from relatives working abroad, they are required by the only bank that handles remittances to purchase at least one lottery ticket. More
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Uzbeks Adding To Ranks Of Ukraine's Pro-Russian Separatists

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine appear to be enlisting fighters from the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. One correspondent from RFE/RL's Uzbek Service contacted separatist recruiters and reports that they appeared eager to take on foreign fighters.

Yelena Ryabinina, Advocate For Central Asian Refugees, Mourned By Friends And Colleagues

One of Russia's most prominent defenders of Central Asian refugees, Yelena Ryabinina, dies after a long battle with cancer.

In Central Asia, Patriotic Russian Symbol Claimed By Ukraine Separatists Is Revived

Orange-and-black ribbons symbolizing Russian military valor are being handed out in several Central Asian countries ahead of the May 9 holiday marking victory in World War II.
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