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Tatar-Bashkir Report: July 27, 1999

27 July 1999
Tatarstan Delegation In Arkhangelsk
Tatarstan's State Council chairman, Farid Mukhametshin, and the chairman of the Arkhangelsk oblast Legislative Assembly, Vyacheslav Kalyamin, concluded a cooperation agreement on 25 July in Arkhangelsk, Tatar Television reported. An official Tatarstan delegation headed by Mukhametshin visited Arkhangelsk last weekend. Under the agreement, the development of ethnic-Tatar cultural autonomy in Arkhangelsk oblast is envisioned. Some 6,500 Tatars live in the oblast, 4,500 of them in the city of Arkhangelsk. During the visit, the mayors of Kazan and Arkhangelsk, Kamil Iskhakov and Pavel Balakshin, signed a document on economic, cultural, and scientific cooperation. The Tatar delegation also viewed the atomic submarine "Kazan," whose patron is the Kazan city administration.

Tatarstan -- Novyi Vek Movement To Hold Congress
Nail Khusnutdinov, chairman of the Executive Committee of the social-political movement Tatarstan -- Novyi Vek (Tatarstan -- New Century), said the date of the movement's next congress will be determined at a council meeting on 29 July. The movement's symbols will also be decided upon at the meeting. Khusnutdinov said in an interview with Tatar Television that the movement has been registered by Tatarstan's Justice Ministry. He said it is necessary for the movement to develop a strategy regarding possible electoral allies. He added that Tatarstan -- Novyi Vek should support candidates proposed by the political movement Vsya Rossiya (All Russia). Tatarstan -- Novyi Vek is headed by Tatarstan's State Council chairman, Farid Mukhametshin. A founding congress of the movement was held in June.

President To Charge Postal Service With Pension Delivery
Tatar President Mintimer Shaimiev signed a decree on 26 July instituting new functions for the republic's postal service. Under the decree, post offices will be held responsible for the delivery of pensions and other allowances to the populace.

Women's World Chess Champion To Be Crowned In Kazan
A women's world chess championship will be held in Kazan on 29 July, Tatarstan's media reported. The challengers are the international grandmaster from Kazan, Alisa Gallyamova, and the former world champion from China, grandmaster Se Tszyung. Prize money worth some $120,000 will be awarded at the tournament, with expenses to be shared by Tatarstan and China. The winner will receive 62 percent of the sum while the runnerup will receive 28 percent. The remaining 10 percent will go to the international chess federation FIDE.

Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova