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Heard in Afghanistan: Taliban Rule Book Aims for Hearts and Minds

New Strategy Aims to Bring Taliban into Politics

July 30 -- British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said this week that "grassroots initiatives" could help split the ranks of the Taliban and get many of its members to cease fighting Coalition and Afghan government forces. Will these efforts will encourage or discourage the Taliban from participating in the political process? [Read in English]

Afghan Presidential Debate Takes Place Without Karzai

July 24 -- Afghans tuned in to the first televised debate of their country’s presidential campaign on the evening of July 23. While they had the opportunity to watch two top contenders face off, President Hamid Karzai was noticeably absent. [Read in English]

New Taliban Rule Book Aims for Afghan Hearts and Minds

July 31 -- Mullah Mohammad Omar, the reclusive leader of Afghanistan's Taliban, has released an updated version of the rules of conduct for his fighters. The book tells Taliban fighters that protecting the life and property of their people is the main objective of the current "jihad." [Read in English]

Bill Aims to Criminalize Discrimination Against Women

July 20 -- In Afghanistan, anyone who bars a woman from attending school, going to work, or visiting a doctor could soon face prison time. A bill on "eliminating violence against women" that has been in the works for years is taking on its final shape. [Read in English]

Spanta: Terror in India, Afghanistan Has Common Source

July 31 -- Speaking to Radio Azadi from New Delhi, Afghanistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that his country and India "will work together to fight against the terrorism that threatens us and has one common source." Minister Spanta added that he expressed his gratitude to Indian officials for their role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.