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Iran Says It's In Talks With Russia About Heavy-Water Sales

Russia’s RIA news agency quoted an Iranian Foreign Ministry official on April 25 as saying that Tehran is conducting talks with Russia about sales of heavy water.

Heavy water is a not radioactive, but it can be used to produce weapons-grade plutonium for nuclear weapons, as well as for nuclear energy.

Under the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran, the United States, and five other world powers, Tehran is responsible for reducing its stock of heavy water.

The nuclear accord allows Iran to use heavy water in its modified Arak nuclear reactor.

But it must either sell, dilute, or under certain conditions dispose of any excess supply of heavy water and enriched uranium.

The U.S. State Department announced on April 22 that the United States would buy 32 tons of heavy water from Iran in an $8.6 million purchase designed to help Tehran meet its obligations under the nuclear pact.

Based on reporting by Reuters, RIA, and BBC