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Suicide Bomber Kills At Least Two In Central Iraq

Baquba, Iraq; 14 January 2004 (RFE/RL) -- A suicide bomber today set off a car bomb outside a police station in the central Iraqi town of Baquba, killing himself and at least two victims.

At least 20 people, mostly police officers, were reported injured. A U.S. military officer in Baquba, Lieutenant Colonel William Adams, gave details of the attack but said the number of dead was unknown.

"This morning a vehicle-borne explosive device in a green Toyota Corona exploded in front of the Baquba traffic QRF [quick reaction force] station. We have an unconfirmed number of KIA [killed in action] and wounded. This is the fourth event in the last three days here in Baquba involving Iraqi police forces where they have been attacked," Adams said.

Earlier today, U.S. troops captured four nephews of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, a former top aide to deposed President Saddam Hussein and currently the most wanted fugitive in Iraq. The military said the four detainees, captured in raids in the town of Samarra, may have information on the fugitive's whereabouts.