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Mother of 'Boiled' Prisoner On Trial In Uzbekistan

Tashkent, 5 February 2004 (RFE/RL) -- A woman whose son was allegedly boiled to death in an Uzbek prison appeared in court today on charges of religious extremism and plotting against the state.

Fatima Mukhadirova, the defendant, today told a Tashkent court that she believes charges were filed against her because she "made a fuss" about her son's death.

Mukhadirova's supporters say the charges were filed against her after she sought compensation from Uzbek and Western institutions for the death of her son, Muzafar Avazov.

The fate of Avazov and another prisoner allegedly also boiled to death attracted international attention last year when British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray intervened.

Murray commissioned a forensic investigation that supported the claim that the two men were beaten and then boiled to death in prison.