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Impeachment Hearing For Lithuanian President Ends

Lithuanian President Paksas Vilnius, 26 March 2004 (RFE/RL) -- Lithuania's Constitutional Court finished impeachment hearings against President Rolandas Paksas today.

Court spokeswoman Ramune Sakalauskaite said the judges were already drafting the conclusions that would be used by the deputies in parliament who will vote on impeachment.

Sakalauskaite said she did not know when a verdict would come, but media has reported it could come within two weeks. Paksas is accused of violating his oath of office, leaking classified information, meddling in private business, discrediting public institutions, and allowing his aides to abuse their powers.

Already embattled, Paksas's fortunes took a turn for the worse this week when he named Russian businessman Yurii Borisov as his adviser.

Borisov is central to the impeachment case against Paksas, who said yesterday that he made the appointment after Borisov threatened to reveal what Paksas called "compromising material" against the president, in effect admitting that he had been blackmailed into giving Borisov the post.