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ICTY Brings New Charges Against Croatian General

25 May 2004 -- The UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has indicted retired Croatian General Mirko Norac in connection with a 1993 operation against a Serbian enclave known as the Medak Pocket.

The indictment accuses Norac of war crimes during an attack on the Serbian-controlled enclave in September 1993. Norac was sentenced in Croatia last year to 12 years in prison over the deaths of some 50 Serb civilians in the town of Gospic in 1991.

UN prosecutors said today they will ask the tribunal to transfer jurisdiction over the Medak charges to Croatia.

Zagreb has been under pressure to improve cooperation with the tribunal, a requirement for Croatia's integration into the European Union. The government is eager to hold some of the war crimes trials at home to prove that its judiciary is capable of handling such cases.