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Hungarian Prime Minister Resigns

25 August 2004 -- Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy resigned today, preempting a move to oust him in a no-confidence vote.

Medgyessy told reporters that he handed a letter of resignation to Parliament President Katalin Szili and that his resignation will take effect tomorrow.

Medgyessy announced on 19 August that he would step down after the smaller party in his center-left coalition said it no longer supported him.

The liberal Alliance of Free Democrats party said Medgyessy had failed to come up with a feasible plan for economic reforms and adjusting to membership in the European Union.

Party leaders signaled their loss of confidence one day after Medgyessy had attempted to fire a Free Democrat minister.

President Ferenc Madl is now charged with nominating a new prime minister. Madl has already said he will ask the coalition parties to present their candidate.