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U.S. Soldier Found Guilty Of Trying To Help Al-Qaeda

3 September 2004 -- A U.S. military court in the state of Washington has convicted a U.S. soldier of trying to assist the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Ryan Anderson, a soldier in the U.S. National Guard, was convicted late yesterday of trying to provide Al-Qaeda with information about U.S. troop strength and tactics, as well as methods for killing U.S. soldiers.

A videotape showing him willingly sharing military information with federal undercover agents he believed were Al-Qaeda members was presented as key evidence at his court martial.

Anderson, a 27-year-old Muslim convert, is due to be sentenced later today. He could face life in prison.

Anderson was arrested in February. His conversation with undercover FBI agents was secretly recorded just days before he was due to deploy in Iraq.


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