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Iraqis, U.S. Soldiers Killed By Car Bombs

(file photo) 18 September 2004 -- Car bombs have targeted Iraqi and U.S. forces in several areas of the country.

In the northern city Kirkuk, a suicide car bomb was detonated near a crowd of people applying for jobs with Iraq's National Guard in Kirkuk. At least 20 people were killed.

A car bomb attack on a U.S. military convoy traveling on Baghdad's main airport road killed one Iraqi and wounded three U.S. soldiers.

And hours later, a car bomb killed two U.S. soldiers who were on their way to the site of the previous attack in Baghdad.

U.S. President George W. Bush warned today that the number of violent attacks may increase in the coming months before elections in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Terrorist enemies are trying to stop the progress of both those countries, and their violent and merciless attacks may increase as elections draw near. But all the world can be certain: America and our allies will keep our commitments to the Afghan and Iraqi people. Our long-term security -- the safety of our children and grandchildren -- will be served when the broader Middle East is home to stable, democratic governments that fight terror."

In other developments in Iraq today, Al Jazeera television is reporting that a militant Iraqi group has kidnapped 10 employees of a U.S.-Turkish company. The network showed a videotape showing the men in front of masked armed captors.

Al-Jazeera also aired a videotape from a militant group purporting to show two American hostages and one Briton seized in Baghdad who also are being threatened with death.