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Top Al-Qaeda Suspect Reported Killed In Pakistan

Faruqi was suspected of orchestrating two attempts on the life of Pakistani President Musharraf (pictured) 27 September 2004 -- Pakistani officials said today that security forces had killed one of the country's most wanted terror suspects, although DNA tests were still being carried out to confirm his identity.

Officials said they were certain the man killed was Amjad Hussain Faruqi, a suspected Pakistani Al-Qaeda operative wanted for two assassination attempts against President Pervez Musharraf in December.

Faruqi was also wanted for the January 2002 slaying of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

He was reported killed in a fierce gunbattle yesterday with security forces in the southern Pakistani city of Nawabshah.

Officials said DNA tests have yet to be completed to confirm the identity of the body.

Earlier today, police said they arrested three suspected militants in another town in the area where Faruqi was reportedly killed. Officials said at least one of them is a wanted terror suspect.