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Bosnian Croat Says Commander Forced Him To Kill Muslims

8 October 2004 -- The lawyer for a Bosnian Croat living in the United States said his client told U.S. federal authorities that a military commander forced him at gunpoint to help slaughter thousands of Muslims in 1995.

Prosecutors in the northeast U.S. city of Boston indicted Marko Boskic last week on federal immigration charges. He is charged with concealing his military past to get into the United States.

Lawyer Max Stern said today that Boskic gave the statement to the FBI following his arrest in August.

Prosecutors say Boskic was an executioner in a detachment that participated in the mass killing of Muslims near Srebrenica in 1995. Boskic said the unit commander ordered him at pistol point to join in the killings.

If convicted, Boskic could face up to 10 years in jail. He also faces deportation to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he could be tried as a war criminal.