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Kerry Calls Bush To Concede U.S. Election

John Kerry on the campaign trail (file photo) 3 November 2004 -- A spokeswoman has said that Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry has conceded the U.S. presidential election to Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

Democratic campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said Senator Kerry telephoned President Bush and conceded the race for the White House. Kerry is expected to make a statement at 1 p.m. Eastern standard time.

Earlier, the White House said it was convinced that Bush won yesterday's presidential election, despite uncertainty about results in the state of Ohio.

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said Bush's lead in Ohio was unbeatable. "In Ohio, President Bush has a lead of at least 140,000 votes. The [Ohio] secretary of state's office has informed us that this margins are statistically insurmountable, even after the provisional ballots are considered," Card said.

Out of the 270-vote margin of victory, Bush has captured 254 electoral votes, Kerry 252.

With 99 percent of the popular vote counted, Bush won 51 percent, while Kerry had 48.


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