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Bosnian Premier Submits Government's Resignation

5 November 2004 -- Bosnian Prime Minister Adnan Terzic has submitted the resignation of his government after losing a vote on a key tax reform, but it is unclear whether the country's presidency will agree to the move.

Terzic's chief of staff, Mirsada Bukaric, said the resignation was offered today. But she stressed that it is unclear whether the resignation will be accepted by Bosnia's tripartite presidency -- comprising a Croat, a Muslim, and a Serb.

Terzic warned yesterday that he would resign after parliament refused to back a change of the value-added tax (VAT) that is designed to bring the country closer to European Union standards.

The government proposal would have imposed the tax on all products expect basic food. Terzic's government said the version adopted by parliament -- which also exempts publishers from the tax -- will lead to corruption.