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Yanukovych Takes Election Protest To Supreme Court

12 January 2005 -- Viktor Yanukovych is expected to file an appeal with the Ukrainian Supreme Court today challenging the official results of the country's rerun presidential election.

The Central Election Commission has declared Viktor Yushchenko the winner over Yanukovych in Ukraine's the repeat second round of the presidential election.

Yanukovych has already appealed to the Supreme Court alleging widespread fraud during the 26 December rerun vote and asking the election to be annulled. So far, the court has rejected all of Yanukovych's appeals.

Yesterday, Yanukovych said he may take his case to the European Court of Human Rights if Ukraine's Supreme Court rejects all of his appeals.

"If the [Ukrainian Supreme] Court does not satisfy our demands, we reserve the right to act in accordance with the existing law and appeal to the European Court [of Human Rights]. And we will never accept the results of the so-called rerun of the election," Yanukovych said.

Yanukovych won the first runoff against Yushchenko in November. But following weeks of protests by Yushchenko supporters, the Supreme Court ruled that election had been marred by fraud.

Yushchenko cannot be sworn in as president until Yanukovych exhausts all legal possibilities to challenge the election results.

(compiled from wire reports)

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