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Iraqi Shi'a Alliance Claims 60 Percent Of Vote

Voting in Al-Najaf on 30 January 13 February 2005 -- Reports from Baghdad say that Iraq's clergy-backed Shi'a Muslim alliance claimed today it had won 60 percent of the vote in the 30 January national elections.

The claim could not be verified but the Iraqi Independent Election Commission is expected to release final results today at a press conference scheduled for 1300 UTC.

The United Iraqi Alliance had been expected to win the largest number of seats in the 275-member National Assembly.

Hadi al-Juburi from the Supreme Council for the Islamic Republic of Iraq (SCIRI) cited the election commission as saying that the primary results show that the alliance got 60 percent of the vote.

SCIRI and Al-Daw'ah are the two parties on the ticket for the alliance, which wants the country's next prime minister to come from within its ranks.


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