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Lebanese Parliament Re-Elects Pro-Syrian Speaker

28 June 2005 (RFE/RL) -- Lebanon's parliament has re-elected pro-Syrian Nabih Berri as its speaker.

Berri has held the post since 1992. He is a Shi'ite Muslim and leader of the Amal party, which is allied with Hizballah. Amal and Hizballah together hold 35 seats in the 128-seat parliament.

Four-round Lebanese elections ended 19 June. They were the first after Syrian troops officially completed their withdrawal from Lebanon in April.

The elections in May and earlier this month favored an anti-Syria faction but the Amal-Hizballah alliance tipped today's vote on the speaker's position to Berri. He won with 90 votes in the 128-seat body.

Syria ended in April a three-decade occupation of Lebanon.