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Sunnis Call For Inquiry Into Assassinations

20 July 2005 -- Sunni Muslim members of the committee drafting the Iraqi constitution have urged the government to hold a full inquiry into the assassination of two of its Sunni members yesterday.

Committee member Ayad al-Samaraie said today that the security apparatus should urgently analyze whether there was any mismanagement on their part. He expressed astonishment that the shootings could occur in an area thronged by police.

Samaraie said that other Sunni Arab members of the committee were planning to suspend their work. All remaining 13 Sunni members on the 70-seat panel might withdraw.

Samaraei said the incident has created instability in the writing of the constitution, which is set to finish by mid-August.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber blew himself up today outside a Baghdad army recruitment center, killing at least six people and wounding 24.