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Britain Steps Up Counter-Terrorism Efforts

22 July 2005 -- British police stepped their counter-terrorism efforts today, releasing video images of four suspects in yesterday's attempted terrorist attacks in London

With British media dubbing the suspects "the most wanted men in Britain," London Assistant Police Commissioner Andy Hayman urged citizens to help find them.

"Anyone who has information about where these men currently are, you should immediately call 999 (emergency services) and ask for urgent police response," Hayman said. "The public are asked not to approach them."

Earlier, police shot dead a man who failed to obey their orders in a London underground station. Police are seeking to determine whether he was one of the four suspects.

Three metro trains and a bus were targeted yesterday with explosive devices that detonated but caused no injuries.

Police said today they arrested one man in central London in connection with their investigation and another man in the northern city of Birmingham.

Yesterday's attacks came two weeks after four suicide bombers struck London's transportation system, killing more than 50 people.

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