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London Police In Massive Manhunt For Bombing Suspects

23 July 2005 -- British police are scouring London's streets and houses today for four suspects who botched their attempts on 21 July to bomb the city's transport network.

London police chief Ian Blair yesterday called it one of the biggest manhunts in British history.

"This is the greatest operational challenge ever faced by the Metropolitan Police Service. I think the Metropolitan Police Service and its sister services are doing a magnificent job, but officers are facing previously unknown threats and great danger," Blair said.

Police released photos of the suspects yesterday after officers shot dead a man on an underground train. Witnesses said police pursued the suspect, who slipped and was then repeatedly shot as he lay on the floor.

Officers later swooped on an apartment, arresting a man in connection with the 21 July failed attacks.

Police refused to say if the man in custody or the man shot dead on the train were among the four suspects. But Britain's best-selling "The Sun" tabloid said the arrested man was suspected of trying to blow up a bus on 21 July. Police declined to comment.