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Serbia-Montenegrin DM Resigns After Purchasing Scandal

Prime Minister Kostunica (above) had demanded the resignation (file photo) 8 September 2005 -- Serbia and Montenegro Defense Minister Prvoslav Davinic today resigned over an army procurement scandal.

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and President Boris Tadic have demanded his resignation for authorizing a
$370 million deal to buy army equipment at allegedly inflated prices.

A government statement said Davinic -- who serves as minister of the union of Serbia and Montenegro -- told the union's president, Svetozar Marovic, that he will quit even though he is innocent.

Serbian officials have accused Davinic of squandering state funds in signing several questionable contracts, including
orders for 500 pilot jackets for an air force of only 75 pilots, 69,000 sets of body armor, and 74,000 helmets for a
military force of some 28,000 soldiers.