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Turkish Journalist Convicted Of Insulting National Identity

7 October 2005 -- An Istanbul court today convicted a Turkish journalist of insulting the Turkish national identity.

Journalist Hrant Dink is a Turkish citizen and editor of the bilingual Armenian-Turkish newspaper Agos. He was convicted for urging diaspora Armenians in a series of articles to get rid of the "poisoning effect" of their history in Turkey and focus on the welfare of Armenia.

He was given a six-month suspended sentence, which means he will not serve prison time unless he repeats the offense.

The conviction comes just days after the European Union began membership talks with Turkey. The European Union has asked Turkey to change its law making it a crime to insult the national identity or risk endangering its EU bid.

One of Turkey's best-known novelists, Orhan Pamuk, has been charged under the same clause and will go on trial on 16 December.


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