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Chinese Astronauts Adjust Orbit

The Chinese astronauts before the 12 October launch 14 October 2005 -- China says astronauts carrying out the country's second manned space mission today slightly adjusted the position of their orbiting Shenzhou 6 capsule after it started moving closer to Earth.

The state-run Xinhua news agency said the two astronauts fired rockets to restore the vessel to its original trajectory during their 30th orbit of earth since their 12 October launch.

The report did not suggest the spacecraft was in any danger, and described the adjustment as minor and routine.

The capsule is reported orbiting about 343 kilometers above Earth, making one circle of the planet every 90 minutes.

Reports said the mission is expected to last as long as five days, until 15 October.

The mission is taking place two years after China first sent a human into space, joining the former Soviet Union and the United States as the only countries to do so.


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