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Uzbek Supreme Court Reads Verdict In Andijon Trial

Judges entering the courtroom in Tashkent today (RFE/RL) Tashkent, 14 November 2005 (RFE/RL) -- Uzbekistan's Supreme Court is reading its verdict today in the trial of 15 alleged Islamic extremists accused of participating in last May's bloody uprising in the eastern city of Andijon.

At the beginning or the reading, Chief Judge Bakhtiyor Jamolov described the defendants as religious extremists who
wanted to establish an Islamic caliphate: "As active members of Akramiya religious extremist organization, [they] aimed to overthrow the current constitutional order of the Republic of Uzbekistan and create an Islamic state -- caliphate, and [therefore they] formed an armed criminal group that conducted many serious and very serious crimes."

All 15 men have pleaded guilty to organizing an armed uprising and trying to overthrow the government. Prosecutors have asked the Supreme Court to give the defendants sentences ranging from 15 to 20 years in prison.

Human rights groups have dismissed the trial as a show, saying much of the testimony may have been coerced. According to the Uzbek government, 187 people -- including soldiers, officials, civilians, and terrorists -- died in fighting in Andijon on the night of 12-13 May. Rights groups and some western governments have said they believe hundreds more people were killed -- mostly unarmed civilians -- in shooting by Uzbek security forces.

(RFE/RL correspondent)

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