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UN Seeks More Action To Stop Violence Against Women

24 November 2005 -- The UN's World Health Organization (WHO) is highlighting the plight of battered women around the world today in an attempt to stop domestic violence.

WHO released a report today based on interviews with 24,000 women among 10 countries that indicates that as many as one in six women worldwide is a victim of domestic violence.

The United Nations has declared 25 November to be International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The WHO study, the first of its kind worldwide, shows that women are more at risk of suffering violence at home than outside the household.

The report showed that many women do not report such violence and consider it normal. Others are afraid of being socially ostracized for daring to complain about such abuse publicly.

The report called for urgent action by health authorities, community leaders and governments and warned that the cost of this abuse to individuals, society and health care systems worldwide is quote "enormous."