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Georgians Demonstrate Against Proposed Pension Law

2 December 2005 -- Dozens of demonstrators today picketed the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi to protest against government proposals to amend the existing pension law.

The proposed changes envision to reduce maximum pension wages to 560 laris ($312) a month from a current 5,000 laris. Under the new legislation, minimal monthly pensions would conversely increase to 38 laris ($21) from a current 28 laris.

The proposals also call for raising retirement age to 65 from 60 for women, and to 70 from 65 for men.

Today's protest action was called by the opposition minority in parliament.

The government has justified the proposed legal changes by saying it is seeking to make the pension system more equitable.

(Novosti-Gruziya/Imedi TV/Civil Georgia)