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Uzbek President Slams Export Of Democracy

Islam Karimov (file photo) (AFP) 8 December 2005 -- Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov has said exporting democracy from outside without considering the realities of a nation is "doomed to bad and pitiful consequences."

In a televised address today to mark the 13th anniversary of the Uzbek Constitution, Karimov insisted that there was no universal model for democracy.

Karimov, who has ruled Uzbekistan for the past 16 years, was ostracized by the West following a government crackdown in the eastern town of Andijon.

In his speech Karimov made numerous references to unnamed "external forces" behind the uprising in May.

He had in the past blamed the Andijon events on Islamic militants and supporters of "colored revolutions" trying to overthrow his government.

(AP/Uzbek Television)