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European Commission Joins Investigation Into Secret CIA Prisons

(RFE/RL) 9 January 2006 -- The furor over allegations surrounding CIA-run prisons in Eastern Europe took another turn today when the European Commission announced that it will assist with a Council of Europe investigation into the suspected camps.

A spokesman said the EC will also back requests to obtain EU satellite images and flight records concerning alleged CIA flights that may have carried detainees to or from the camps.

The council is due to present its findings by the end of the month.

Also today, the Swiss Defense Ministry announced it was launching an internal investigation into the publication of secret documents relating to the alleged CIA prisons.

A weekly Swiss magazine published the contents of a fax -- supposedly from Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit -- that said the Egyptian Embassy in London had determined that the United States was running detention centers in Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Ukraine.


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