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Final Iraqi Election Results Announced

A demonstration demanding new election in Kirkuk in December (epa) 20 January 2006 -- Final results from Iraq's 15 December parliamentary elections were announced in Baghdad today, with Shi'ite parties winning the most seats, though not an outright majority.

As anticipated, Shi'ite religious parties won 128 seats, the largest bloc in the 275-seat parliament.

The two main Sunni groups received a total of 55 seats. The main Kurdish bloc picked up 53 seats.

Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's secular list secured 25 seats while a mix of smaller parties and independent candidates picked up the handful of remaining mandates.

Vote results had been delayed until the release of a report by a foreign assessment team looking into allegations of election fraud made by major Sunni Arab parties.

On 19 January, the International Mission for Iraqi Elections released its report. It found numerous violations and indications of fraud, but did not call for a revote as some Sunni groups had demanded.

Parties have two days to contest today's results before they are certified as definitive.

(compiled from agency reports)

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