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Sudanese Government Accepts Darfur Peace Deal

Some 2 million people have fled their homes in Darfur (AFP) April 30, 2006 -- Sudan's government announced today it is ready to accept an African Union-brokered peace deal on Darfur.

The head of the government negotiating team, Majzub al-Khalifa, made the announcement at talks in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

The rebels have not yet responded officially. Their answer is due by the end of today. But several rebel leaders have expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal.

The African Union deal calls for the disarmament of pro-Sudanese government Arab Janjaweed militias, and the integration of rebel fighters into the Sudanese army. It also sets out arrangements for the sharing of power and wealth between Sudan's central government and Darfur.

Tens of thousands of people have died and more than 2 million have been left homeless since the conflict in Darfur began three years ago.

(Reuters, AFP)