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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud in 1938 (courtesy photo)

ON THE COUCH: A century and half after his birth, SIGMUND FREUD continues to influence cultural and scientific discourse. "There are no neutrals in the Freud wars," academic Peter Gay wrote in "Time" magazine in 1999. "Admiration, even downright adulation, on one side; skepticism, even downright disdain, on the other. This is not hyperbole.... But on one thing the contending parties agree: for good or ill, Sigmund Freud, more than any other explorer of the psyche, has shaped the mind of the 20th century. The very fierceness and persistence of his detractors are a wry tribute to the staying power of Freud's ideas."


Listen to an excerpt of Freud speaking in a 1938 BBC interview:
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Sigmund Freud arriving in London in 1938 (AFP)