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Iraqi Premier Orders Kurds To Fly Iraqi Flag

The Kurdish flag (AFP) September 3, 2006 -- Iraq's prime minister says only the national flag should be hoisted throughout the country.

The statement by Nuri al-Maliki came two days after Kurdish leader Mas'ud Barzani ordered the Iraqi flag be replaced by the Kurdish flag in the north of the country.

Barzani said on September 3 that "the present flag is not the flag of Iraq, but of the Ba'ath party and of chemical strikes, the drainage of the marshes, the putting down of uprisings, and of mass graves," referring to the party of Saddam Hussein and to some of the crimes ascribed to the ousted Iraqi leader.

The move has heightened concerns that Kurds are pushing for secession under the nation's new federal system.

(AP, AFP, Reuters)

Iraq's Kurdish Region

Iraq's Kurdish Region

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