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Thousands Protest For Third Night In Budapest

A rioter in Budapest on September 20 (epa) September 21, 2006 -- An estimated 10,000 people gathered for a third consecutive night of protests in Budapest to demand the resignation of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany.

The demonstration outside parliament late on September 20 and early today was mainly peaceful. There were, however, some clashes. More than a dozen people were reported injured, most of them by tear gas.

A massive police presence prevented a repeat of rioting and looting that left some 200 people injured the previous two nights.

The government invited opposition parties to have talks today
to discuss how to deal with antigovernment protests and riots that
have rocked Budapest this week. The opposition rejected the call and said it would not meet.

Gyurcsany, the Socialist Party prime minister, has rejected demands that he resign following an admission that he lied to voters to help win April's parliamentary elections.

His party has promised to stand by him. The government said it would not tolerate violence and looting.

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