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Two Arrested For Ukrainian Businessman's Killing

Maksim Kurochkin (undated) (ITAR-TASS) April 21, 2007 -- Ukrainian authorities today said two suspects have been arrested in connection with last month's high-profile slaying of Russian-Ukrainian businessman Maksim Kurochkin.

Kurochkin was a millionaire who owned a lot of property in Ukraine. He was gunned down on March 27 outside a Kyiv couthouse where he was on trial for extortion.

He was reputedly involved in a number of corporate scandals in the energy sphere in Ukraine, including attempts to take control over some companies with the help of armed thugs. Kurochkin, known to the public under the nickname "Mad Max," denied any wrongdoing.

Kurochkin was a major supporter of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's failed presidential bid in 2004.

During the 2004 presidential election campaign in Ukraine, Kurochkin funded the so-called Russian Club in Kyiv, which involved Russian spin doctors Gleb Pavlovsky and Igor Shuvalov working for Yanukovych.

Kurochkin survived an apparent assassination attempt in November 2004, when a car bomb exploded near the Russian Club office.