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Seven New World Wonders To Be Announced

Moscow's Kremlin complex (RFE/RL) July 7, 2007 -- Seven new world wonders elected in a global Internet vote will be announced today in Lisbon.

More than 70 million votes arrived via the Internet and SMS messages, in what is being billed as the first global democratic vote.

However, the competition has come under criticism from art experts and the United Nations, which says it's not sufficient to recognize the emotional value of certain sites.

(compiled from agency reports)

Rethinking The Silk Road
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Afghanistan's Musical Revival

Afghanistan's Musical Revival

BACK IN THE GROOVE Decades of war and the Taliban's five-year ban on music took their toll on Afghan classical music. Musicians have been trying to resuscitate the art since the end of Taliban rule. But they face serious economic and artistic challenges -- including the threat of possible attack by Taliban fighters if they perform in provincial areas...(more)


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