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Pakistani President Discusses Power-Sharing Deal

President Musharraf (file photo) (epa) July 28, 2007 -- Pakistani media report that President Pervez Musharraf and exiled former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto have held talks about a possible power-sharing agreement.

According to the reports, the July 27 face-to-face meeting in Abu Dhabi lasted about an hour.

Spokesmen from both sides would neither confirm nor deny the reports, which come amid speculation that Musharraf may seek Bhutto as an ally in his plans to seek another term.

Bhutto served as prime minister twice in the 1980s and 1990s, but left for Britain after her second government collapsed.


Madrasahs And Tolerance

Madrasahs And Tolerance

Students at a madrasah in Peshawar, Pakistan (epa file photo)

INSIDE THE MADRASAHS. The role of the traditional Islamic school, or madrasah, is being increasingly discussed. Many in the West and in the Muslim world have criticized some madrasahs for teaching intolerance and even violence...(more)


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