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Russian Troops Continuing Military Operations

Moscow, April 12 (RFE/RL) - Chechen Military Chief Aslan Maskhadov says Russian troops are still engaged in large-scale operations despite President Boris Yeltsin's order to stop the fighting.

Maskhadov, who escaped an assassination attempt earlier this week, says Russian forces launched new attacks on separatist positions in southern Chechnya near the villages of Dargo and Vedeno and also in the village of Goiskoye. He made the comments today to RFE/RL.

Maskhadov said Russian troops are using heavy artillery, tanks and warplanes. He said Chechen separatists have taken control roads in Southern Chechnya, cutting Russian troops in Dargo and Vedeno off from the rest of the federal contingent.

Maskhadov said that Chechen separatist will negotiate with all Russian politicians who want an end to the war.

The Russian military command in Chechnya says that it is fully complying with Yeltsin's order to stop military operations. The command says it is continuing, what it calls, "special operations against terrorists."