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Bulgarian PM Tells EBRD Europe Is Only Direction For Bulgaria

Sofia, April 15 (RFE/RL) - Bulgarian Prime Minister Zhan Videnov today told the board of the European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) that Bulgaria wants to orient itself toward Europe, and in no other direction.

Videnov, a former communist in the Socialist Party, made the comments during introductory remarks at the EBRD's plenary session in Sofia. He said that for reasons of "security and development," Bulgaria had no other direction to turn.

Bulgaria's anti-communist President Zhelyu Zhelev has said that Videnov has been looking toward Russia more than western Europe. He also has criticized Videnov for not pushing harder to become a member of NATO.

Sofia's mayor Stefan Sofianski told the board and delegates that Bulgaria has confidence in the EBRD. He said, "We wish you would have confidence in us."