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Tirana Reported Quiet After Clash Between Police and Protestors

Tirana, May 28 (RFE/RL) - The Albanian capital of Tirana is reported quiet following violent clashes between police and demonstrators earlier today.

At least 10 people were reported injured as club-wielding police officers broke up a demonstration in the center of the city by opponents of Albanian President Sali Berisha.

Among those reported hurt were Social Democratic Party leader Skender Gjenushi and the head of the Socialist Party, Servet Pellumbi.

Among those beaten and detained by police were two Associated Press Television journalists. Their car and cameras were confiscated.

The Socialists and five other parties withdrew from Sunday's election in Albania, saying the vote was rigged. Berisha's Democratic Party claimed a huge victory in the vote.

A statement from Norwegian and British monitors said the elections did not meet international standards for free and fair elections. The monitors said there was evidence of ballot box tampering, unfair voiding of ballots and numbers of votes exceeding the number of signatures on the voters' lists.

A European Commission spokesman said the irregularities could threaten Tirana's attempts to forge stronger links with the European Union.