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Leader of Nationalist-Monarchist Party Backs Yeltsin

Moscow, June 5 (RFE/RL) - The leader of the Russian national-patriotic party "Pamyat" has announced his party will support President Boris Yeltsin in his bid to win a second term as president on June 16.

Dmitry Vassiliev told reporters in Moscow today he was sure Yeltsin would win because Russians would not let the communists return to power.

The exact number of members in "Pamyat" (Memory) is unclear. The party, formed in 1986, espoused national-Bolshevist ideology before switching over to a pro-Monarchist stance. Vassiliev styles himself a "monarcho-fascist."

Yeltsin has already received support from the so-called national-patriotic camp. The neo-Nazi paramilitary "Russian National Unity" movement of Alexander Barkashov has also said it would support Yeltsin.