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Iliescu: Russian Election Will Not Influence Romania's Policies

By Lucian Ristea

Bucharest, June 7 (RFE/RL) - Romania's President Ion Iliescu says Russia's upcoming presidential election will not influence Romania's foreign policy. And Iliescu says he believes there will be no changes in Russia's foreign policy, as well.

In an exclusive interview last night with RFE/RL, Iliescu said "even if (Communist Party candidate Gennady) Zyuganov wins he will not have any other alternative but to go on with democratic processes, building a market economy." And Iliescu added, "the real danger in Russia, since there are some troubling elements of anarchy in their economic and social fields, is the danger of a military coup."

Iliescu said he is convinced Russia will not change the fundamentals of its foreign policy, no matter who wins the June 16 election.