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Shokhin: Democratic Coalition Should Be Formed in State Duma

Moscow, July 4 (RFE/RL) -- A top Russian legislator says that a strong democratic coalition should be formed in the Communist-dominated State Duma, following president Boris Yeltsin's victory in yesterday's presidential election. Aleksandr Shokhin, first deputy Duma speaker, told Itar-Tass that the coalition could include his centrist "Our Home is Russia" faction, the pro-reform "Yabloko" faction and the "Russian regions" faction, as well as individual members.

Shokhin said that the present situation in the Duma, dominated by the Communist faction and its agrarian allies "does not fully reflect the real alignment of forces in Russian society" shown by yesterday's election.

Shokhin said that "a powerful democratic coalition will be able to alter the situation."