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Russian Generals Deny Allegations Of Corruption

Moscow, July 9 (RFE/RL) -- Some of Russia's top generals, including former Defense Minister Pavel Grachev, have denied allegations of corruption made against them by a Duma deputy.

In an interview published today in the Moscow newspaper "Nezavissimaya Gazetta," Grachev rejected all of last week's allegations by Duma Deputy Lev Rokhlin. Grachev said he can show evidence that he is not guilty. He also said that he has nothing to hide about his activities in the Defence Ministry. He said everything he did as defense minister was legal.

Five other five top Russian generals also denied allegations of corruption.

Rokhlin, a retired general, Chechen war veteran and member of Prime Minister Viktor Chernomirdin's "Our home is Russia" bloc, charged in a report to parliament last week that Grachev had been "mired in corruption," and that generals close to him embezzeled tens of millions of dollars.